For a long time did not mention the question of who for whom it? Always felt that life was beginning to enter the cycle of cumbersome. So heart will be also inadvertently been secularization of.
Although, we are in the Red Dust, flies also not have been more vulgar vulgar days. However, we do not need to be as such a life\'s the helplessness of living despite a lot of unhappy, then we should calm down after midnight and a thorough washing himself was sinking, covered with a little dust on earth\'s heart. Leaves in the breeze mother soso\'s ringing, it appears that communication does not belong in this season of restlessness. Inadvertently thrown the ripple of the lake just because we are too quiet, so can not afford any little bit of trouble.
Sunset, dyed the horizon that was the night covered Road, distant mountains are so remote and beautiful. However, our lives so that our hearts have lost the initial clarified, in our opinion, this is nothing but a mirage of the dream Bale. But we are not forgotten once \"Moon on Liu Shao head, Evening Liaison after\" romantic then? Perhaps, you say all this was just the text inside the moment Thanks for the Memories. And true in life, is that more of our loved deceive the hearts of many hearts. At midnight, I was hard waiting for your heart, what from when to start changing. Sometimes, even such an obvious change in their own no feel it again let alone separated the two lovers do? What, then, who is enduring the pain of Acacia, while tears spoke: \"Distance produce America!\" What a real and attractive lies. Crazy how much cheating men Yuannv, it is also to be so many people\'s admiration and worship. But when we are bruised before we suddenly repentance, but youth has white hair and appearance are turning yellow. In the lonely season, alone, thinking about the good old days missed.
If the dream of Acacia, your style is still Mouguang it?
It? It? Not whether. Huafa of youth have been gradually falling, looking back once the road, not you, not me. Are nothing but our lives that irreparable regret. In a corner, dream become a common practice. Moss, Jian Lv. The end, however, one hundred years of life expectations. Sticking to and hanging out, have lost their melancholy With just two people inside it do not know too Whispering sighs. Little, cherry trees, who in the years to come, I hope you flowers, who is to accompany you spend behind the main bleak. The old years, the radio came the melodious Pieces, who is in the Acoustic?
Not rush the pace of the years, but we are too aging heart. We are real hard to run away, but the face, they were filled with endless fear. Thus, we feel numb, and often in the absence of the time, eager to fly the soul. The distance, open-ended sound of reading aloud Star always thought he would be one of these stars. It is only too similar, while their own is too tiny. Therefore, we are always thinking of being admired, but are unwilling to work with light hair. Because, even the stars filled the little, still can not escape the sun rises after being 11 of the subduction.



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