Maybe I really getting old, feeling no interest in anything, and even have been keen on shopping, buy clothes and other things have suddenly become dull them. But I also do not want so get old, I still wish I was a little woman that is full of vitality.
  Palao I do? After some self-autopsy and feel the answer is yes, or else why, when I heard someone boast my husband was young, I will be sensitive to better themselves in the mirror, after looking over several times, and then repeatedly asked Mr. annoying, I really old it? Mr. naturally do not want to offend me, and the exaggerated features a move I was young, dynamic, etc., or against one or substantiated the psychological lure of great words.
  No matter what I want to grow old, time, or this or that publicizes or low-key in my eyes rapidly by. I want to be with open arms, hug her, let her nap, but she is still forward Ben Zhao, and I seem to be a people abandoned by her could not find their own space-time tunnel.
  When my beautician Xiao said to me, sister, your eyes have a pseudo-crow\'s feet, and my heart suddenly surprised, mind like the instantaneous surface of the mother, I know that one day will certainly spread chrysanthemum my eyes, but a sudden panic fell on my eyes a small flap chrysanthemums, let me find a place that she did not settle down and put where I feel a bit redundant, but she has come so alive in her people\'s eyes, I had to light praised her, and it feels as saying that this guest Daoshi do not speak polite, non-invited to. But I have tasted how to rid of her? She may always be a part of my life.
  It was so, when the university students calling me Auntie, the incorrigible, and I knew I was slowly sliding into the middle of the space-time tunnel. There is no way, do not want to come, but time has given me numbers of elderly people had to pigeon-holing bar!
  Fortunately, in the Red Net middle-aged pages, I met some lovely people and things, maybe we have not met, but the mind has enabled us to become a great friend can talk about anything known to have been. This feeling, nice ... ....
  There is a song that is slowly accompany you go ... ..., maybe here, someone accompanied me to go slowly, slowly Jingru I accompanied her on as well, so has entered middle age of you - my friend, look at life with the burden of frivolous please do not feel lonely because of the way there, and like me or who accompany you go.
  so think about it, it seems good mood up, shopping, **** has also expanded, and yesterday accidentally bought a few pieces of clothes, his daughter said that I was smug in! Oh, the smug, happy with, not in very good shape do?
  The next day early morning, look in the mirror closer look, a new wonder of that petal chrysanthemum eyes seem to have disappeared, but fortunately, for the time being do not have a gardener when Hu Hua research how to make daisy open than someone else\'s beautiful!
  instantaneous, finally realized: The original happy feeling is that it gives time to nap!



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