The window of the asparagus fern basin, fall into a Seed.
I do not know when I do not know what the sake of a gust of wind, this little life will be on our side bears an elegant and smart carriage down the family home. At first, I did not find it. I do not know is the day, it finally lost its lonely from the soil stuck his head and looked mischievously, looked at the new home. When I finally found that the uninvited guests, was very pleased. It was small, small leaves, green tender may seem to be rolled down, thin and transparent to some degree the stem seems to be the baby in these young skin, it is slightly Tingzhao body, perhaps look up what arrogance on its side of the text bamboo. At the time there was a surprise addition to my joy, the more a kind of hope, not contain himself. I was so urgently want to know that he grew up would be like. Is the upstairs floating down the seeds of sunflowers Mody? Perhaps it does! You can see the lovely verdant leaves, he is working with the sunflowers purple night, matching pink dresses. Perhaps a morning glory? Think of those lavender trumpet in the wind shook childish, and not just this cute little guy is really exactly the same! Or else, she did not flower fragrance with the delicate and charming, but I put to one side of the Mozzie buster, has the aroma of Qingxin? I just thought of a day so looking forward to ... ...
But with the rapid growth of this strain of grass, I gradually realized that my fantasy of how ridiculous! It is indiscriminate in my asparagus pot grow, and soon became a dense cluster - grass! Facts prove that it has never been anything beautiful fresh flowers or Mozzie buster, he is just an ordinary names were not even weeds. Not only the United States, and even lowly With just a drop of water, a small piece of earth will be able to make it robust growth, simply because I could not bear to remove, then leave it there, on a regular basis to curb what it were growing. Now erect a pile of weeds in asparagus are (anti-) look ridiculous.
But one day I changed my opinion. It was a sunny afternoon, I gave last night, which droop down due to lack of water had poured some water grass. Soon, they will have a piece of legislation up in the sun, they actually have to straighten the spine, will head efforts to explore the direction of the sun, I was very surprised, I enjoy flowers, vines wonderful curves, but now this straight spine even more shocking! Suddenly, I felt the picture how beautiful! Each one bathed in the sun leaves were smiling in response. They have never lived in asparagus fern bearing with dignity aside and enjoy every inch of the sun, every drop of rain to nourish. This is what a beautiful and touching the lives of Oh.
Now I understand that beauty is not a model, and only with their own hearts to feel, to cover all things in the world even just a grass, when the mind can be stirred up himself and all things resonate with the heart in order to find true beauty and well-being .






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