Autumn came, came. Wind off the dry and hot, the color of the leaves has also been lonely, have re-wind Piaowu. Evening, seems to have an early autumn desolation, inadvertently, slowly falling. Gently swept my heart, desolate, and instantly filled the air, a little bit of chewing the bone marrow where sadness.
Spring and autumn came, did not want to, not read, that have been yellowing in the past, when I look back, the tears have been hung in the eye. Who disturb my peace, so that the original fine, clear sky, streaks of more misty thoughts, enveloped downtown. Although Qin, Hongyan already far. Cool night, Acacia also has dyed his black hair. Forehead sharp, locked melancholy. Carrying with them a lifetime of desire fade season\'s delicate and charming. Tanabata, I sleep in romantic poetry, the eagerly waiting for a hundred years of one encounter, so that Cowboy coming with the clouds to embrace the Weaving Maiden, drop a meteor moist places.
Do not wake me, please?
You listen, Sauvignon Blanc songs linger a long time in my ear. How many vicissitudes of life, love sadness, melancholy in the flows. Hazy night, Acacia long. I would like to own Yin Jin akishimo, only willing to let me drunk. Ye Feng, the rain drifting away, whether your clothes wet? Do not delete, do not change, it is my tears in their eyes. As you dream with floral, quietly coming to your line of sight, for your four seasons in full bloom the fragrance inside.
Tanabata later, no one can avoid them cool autumn. Closed doors to the mind, he wants to go will be noisy inadvertently recalls, recall that in the past. Flip the past, an inventory of thoughts, salvage once. Babble like a stream of thoughts, with the age-old rumors that sentimentalism, frozen soft. Chilly early autumn, a summer Canhong erased, memory, slowing only a small amount of acid, so that hearts fall broken, unable to sleep, stick to tears. Autumn, and thus the burning passion, buried in the misty rain in the south, left to wander the earth, suddenly jumped up under the loitering, drunk.
Not to mention flowers, but also brilliant, corner to moon can be people wandering around a tripod of liquor, why does the cup sequence. I know, dream will wake up, the situation will be empty, people will leave.
No matter who else beside me, when I indulged and beautiful moment, do not move, do not move.
Night at the moment is my favorite early autumn night. This evening, your heart go to taste the wind, both the fall of the Qing, but also has a warm spring. Let me stay quietly in your body, touch with your temperature, laughed away. You are tired, I will be the embodiment of the wizard, you play one, so you can become eternal smile. People at Mount Mount sea, leaving an indelible mark Road. Let me greedy one, okay?
No matter who you are, you see through my heart. Because of the silence of the night inclusive me, no one saw me gaunt appearance. But I often sat in such a night, blankly listening to music, and think you will be able to hear me\'s heart. I guess the, Tanabata day, whether you are there, and I do like moonlight as water, shadows dim injury?
I do not ask, do not say. I just stood silently inside This is a bit cold autumn wind, watching the dark night sky, performing a drama does not belong to me. Lonely, nothing to do with me, because the more lonely, I will be separated by glass, thinking of your shadow, with a smile, but also warming. Dongxue can not block, facing your place.



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