In fact, has long been forgotten, it has long refused to go back. Only in the inter-suddenly recall that I said that I am a stubborn person, not wind, the rain does not move, only the story had moved.
Do not know if it lied, Now, I have gradually forgotten.
Frankly speaking, people do not want to do my dream, and perhaps very beautiful, very romantic, but make untrue and hurt I feel.
Perhaps I am unusual, can be accompanied by someone, it was a brilliant ride in life, but I refuse to be false, illusory refused.
I just have to face the truth, even if it will be lost. Sometimes a meteor would rather do, go only a short moment, but can be docked to the heart, across the long trajectory, so that as the eternal moment, no regrets.
But I can not see the past has had a happy face, strange and distant.
I regret to give up, as if my declaration, refused to accept any camouflage.
It was never promised, I shook his head, a hundred years of the Millennium are only changes in time and space, and promised never, no reason, do not need to pledge.
I looked stubborn and obstinate heart, let me flee, let me start all over again.
Had the sad and touching of the verse written on the wandering along the coast, it was a stick, I hope, many-tiered waves, washing away the traces of the beach, I set foot in the water, my heart is cold and cold as I can remember . I think that everything will change, my hair floated wind , as I had no one to depend on heart, do not call the bank. Over the past many years, I treasure the lives of today have all the scenery from around the faults of the soul to open the window closed, so that the sun came. But I still stubborn, simple and small and does not seek to understand it was not for people to enjoy. Life so one day, suddenly looking back, felt light, I have a surprise and hope. May also grasp the dream of the image, and I am not, I would like to still be true. Day such as water, I learned gradually forgotten, do not cry, do not sigh. In fact, the Great Mercy and not rejoicing, but also no harm and be harmed, even if there have been trials and tribulations, loss of will as the years and precipitation.
Because there is love and be loved in mind, there are about, and wish that I could be so cool, not afraid of the dark, not immersed in their own corner of the joy of the lonely burial.
Is no longer a lonely person, it was shared, it was shared out the memory of a confused and wandering out of a period of time.
And well-being in hand, heart, in treasure, in the grasp.



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