This Mother\'s Day is coming early to write articles, presented the parents of all the world. Because of my friend who\'s a true story, deeply touched my heart, heart go along with grief, tears streaming as the nib, so I sign off, so this delay.

Deep night, the Friends of the under-ling, who, walking to the nearby home, surrounded by a dark and timid, some of her gruesome swiftly trotted home. At this point, the heart-ling, a sorrow and grief, a sense of suddenly driven her to look at the calendar and found surprising, this is the father of the fifth anniversary of the World memorial day Xian. she sat in the chair, sad thoughts and tightly in the darkness surrounded her. Ling is the only child at home because, of course, is a palm-sized parents. Now her parents are away, and women also play caused by a strong woman ... ...

Darkness, she such as water in the moonlight in, follow the beat of his childhood, searching for happiness and a happy past. Her mother died of illness early with her father. In this lonely night, she would like to, if the father in more than nice. No matter the night before when his daughter to the father at home is always a lamp lit in the night to watch his daughter. He said that as long as her daughter back, he was very much a daughter will be able to hear footsteps, and softly coughing, suggesting that his daughter, the children Do not worry, Dad in the waiting for you and how you watch ... ... the great love you. This lamp is a father\'s heart lights, lights of hope is the daughter of the hearts of bright lights, the lights of happiness. It will closely linked to the hearts of father and daughter, father and daughter will be led with the situation firmly.

Wrote here, I have the tears poured down the rain fly for Dayton, and tears soaked the eyes. Look forward to the warmth of love, respect for the old honor of the Chinese nation\'s fine traditions and virtues. Honor is a virtue, but it is not instinctive. The parents love their children almost instinctively. Brutal facts tell us that love is all of the downlink. Parents can pay for their sons and daughters of life\'s most precious thing. The same blood, so why downlink conscious love, so strong. And uplink love it sometimes seems far-fetched? Parents love their children can give up the whole world ... ...

My parents often told me that you pay us too much. Do you know Mom and Dad, I have the honor of parents is a matter of how you happiness, it was not like this opportunity to pay it. Friends, when your parents alive when they honor those who make it, Do not own too much to regret and regret leaving. Transmission of this love of our children is better than sex education it is better than precept. Sons and daughters will always be concerned about the hearts of parents, parents will always be the spring of the hearts of children.

The final say, I love you Mom and Dad ... ...

I wish, the mother of all the world, Happy Mother\'s Day!








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