Spring clean campus, Ming Huang side of the Land of Hidden folding, aggregation and the simple moving Yong, Chung izumo Progesterone reminder Xiafei of peaches and plums.
Is you! Day after day, with the clear blue wake-up call for the dawn of the village, with colorful Day of the west side of the brush of Yunxia gorgeous with the Wu Tzu whirling the transit elegant moonlight.
Is you! Year after year, in the impoverished years of the history of heavy work, in the abstruse contemplation of the fools in the pure inspiration, in the melancholy solitude of the endless reverie Fangfei.
Is you! Is you! Several decades, though, \"a black dye ink, the wind and beard yellow\", but you in the face of the youth, the sun Ingenuous ; though, you stay alone in a cold village schools do not hear string and wind sound, but you Only morality, righteousness Zhuang Ling mountains; though, you learn the rich five-car, but cos I\'m always skint, can be filled with the wisdom of your playing Shan, sonorous praise of simple villagers, Yan has been full of water of the lake .
Rural teachers, want anything else in life?
Perhaps you yearn for the busy and noisy city, you have to appreciate the resolute and decisive Peacock Flies to the Southeast, the envy of your colleagues have gone the persistent and heroic; perhaps, your values fixed meaning in the rural landscape of the Subtle and Meaningful; Perhaps hunger rebate table food, good reputation handed down return home ... ...
Oh, smiling faces like peach blossom spring, autumn eloquent song. Tak lubricant, Enze Huichuan not plan returns Eagles with a total of just over the blue sky - Qi.
The only time you can race with students , Fun-filled days, under the guidance of your school years from the simple toward the top of the ideal. No matter what your appearance is difficult and time calculated in proportion to, bring up the subject of what their lives!
Your ordinary and extraordinary discipline of the farmer\'s sons and daughters, from the low school reform and opening up the window, a lot of achievements Albert inadvertently. Their speech: \"Do not even take hate, it is a kind of boosting your eyes, a reflection of the lofty sentiments shocking!\"
Park in the country who have become pillars of the juvenile, pre-order the material useless for giant trees long. Wonders of the tree people, hope is like!
Mongolia stood empty on the back of the hill look-out, a teacher Oh, and indifferent to the countryside to live so that your students outside Changting with nostalgia to the distance after - delay-specific evaluation of the non-respect for the glory of yet.



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