Life is like a deep rich book, together with the whole process of life, each page recorded in a broad and deep life. Ups and downs of life, all emotions embedded in between the lines. Have too many memories of life, no matter how rough, how to taste the pain, the only change is the heart of longing for a better heart. long as they are not a person, I believe that no one can hinder the pace of your progress. People\'s will, the kind of invisible forces of the soul over the crystallization of people over the difficulties and obstacles to achieve their lofty goals.
In life, many of the success or failure and failure is not something we can be expected, a lot of things we can not afford, but as long as we strive to do, get paid after a calm, in fact, it is a pleasure to be. If life gives us time and again only the setbacks, the failure time and time again, in fact, it is no, because that is the fate of deprived us of our right to live a noble, but did not live a happy and take our right to freedom of . There is no blue sky, we can have the ethereal white clouds; not the magnificent sea, we can find the stream, there is no fragrance grassland, we can have the green grass. Life is not covered with roses of the way, every day struggle, the course of everyone\'s life is continued in the struggle. Develop your vision, you can play, over time, from small and large, from time to time to maintain the continued excellence, is seeking to rectify the situation is, the purpose of life is to strive for victory and glory. You are the heroic strike , is the sea-goers, filled with enthusiasm, a fearless.
In fact, giving us life, and what does not with others of different shows in our field of vision in life, everyone in fact are the same, only different is our lack of a calm mind. I frankly beautiful soul, so I have a beautiful life; frankly I am independent, strong, confident, calm and makes me happy, calm and cool I am; have suffered the years of wind rain and snow, the memory of the late prime somewhat inevitable Shaohua , in the calm and the impact of spiritual son of Cocoon will be ripping out layers to become soft, comfortable, warm and happy. Clear one moon is on the transmigration , is the life of the disputes. As to life, we can not refuse the bitterness of life, as we have to live, we will continue to embrace that dedication! I am glad your life, so I am very optimistic, very frankly, I changed myself, the courage to face up to reality and the courage to forge ahead, adding the courage, spirit and morale, out of his magnificent life.
The wisdom of life is cherished way of doing things their own style, keep the spirit of their own homes, maintain their dignity and personality, to become the best. Not because of his weak voice singing on the initiative in giving up the right to life is only for people singing soul singing. Peaceful people, tenet, magnanimity, pushing Gong, dignified way around, treat people well . Between high tide surges down on you inadvertently harvest a lot of surprise and pain, and vitality of youth no longer be able to copy only the surging of the immortal poems of passion and dancing in the wind long life. When we finally learn to keep their cool to take the thick of life, then, our lives have reached a certain height.
Life in front of the road is not easy, and I , in the face of frustrations and difficulties of life, the storm will be stronger, I, in order to live a self-and applause!



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