Afternoon, the sun hid behind the clouds, the air feel, and this time everything seems to be forgotten though, music also seemed to open, the notes in the air ears thoughts offerings.
Life may be complex and sometimes it is so simple, we shuttle between simple and complex, and sometimes forget what life is, what is life, let alone worrying about troubles we imagined to find the meaning of life, the essence of life, perhaps those of the mad talents to ask the question of life. Even if you do not go to the stubble of life, life will still knock you the door, the consultant to you, you worry about you. We are often caught off guard this time, the beginning of endless complaining, oh, life ah, why you live like this! Habit of a breakthrough at the same time still hope, but with this breakthrough Kexin instinct of exclusion, so we have accumulated numerous advance. Advance, and confusion, and to make fun of, it seems like what he has become very passive.
This time, as always, watch the live, day after day, watching the shadow of their busy, day after day, sitting in front of the computer to watch their struck a keyboard, day after day. Perhaps tomorrow, sunny, cloudy tomorrow, maybe tomorrow may rain, it is change it? Ponder their future, weep with grief and joy, joy is not today, maybe tomorrow, maybe there is revelry in the lottery, that tears of emotion is what the soul-stirring scenes; weep with grief, it is not today, tomorrow will be like duplication, as always, but tomorrow, tomorrow\'s dim fuzzy on If a person lost in the fog of the early morning attack in the next step without knowing their destination.
I was waiting for it? Waiting for the arrival of what, I comb their hope? Ask myself, sometimes forget themselves by their own. Can own their own if we do not forget that he gave his own trouble. Those who do not live in the heart are often brilliant, but they want the best people are often sad. Should people want, people should not want that?
To pursue and give up, just like a beginning of an end, if there is no pursuit would not give up the so-called corresponding ah! Not to pursue the pursuit of the wrong choice after giving up because there is need to pursue obstruction, number of obstacles through their own efforts to eliminate may be some obstacle in the hands of someone else\'s hands, regardless of how their efforts in every possible way but still have to a little bit less than the return, perhaps love is like that. There is another impediment to the hands in the hands of the natural, no one can read, so all can only be futile, that is, the more grief. Had to give up that is a wise choice.
These days, faint, feel depressed, the day is warming and, perhaps affecting the body temperature warm. Boring, and repeatedly, and perhaps this is life.



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