Beginning after However, to a major.
Morning I was awakened noise, husband ask: \"how such a chaotic ah?\"
Husband said: \"enough, you quickly get up to see snow outside.\"
\"Ah? And the Snowy?\" Ask me happy.
Put on my clothes quickly came to the window, looked out your breath before, wow ... a big snow ... ah well! The whole world has turned into a block of jade powder Kingdom of the fairy tale. take a closer look, as the snow goose feather Rustle Splendor from the sky like falling trees, vehicles, pedestrians who have a cotton-like soft falling snow. All in the snow under the dress looked like Toshiro clean.
my breakfast hurriedly, put on my camera, go sister home with me about her and take pictures .
Downstairs after the outside temperature is low. Turned to go home to change, and red long-Coming Of course the first choice, board thick boots, and then put on pink mesh masks, there are black leather gloves. , an instant return to the cold winter.
Rustle the snow is still underground, and go find some more air. Scarf without regret.
Out of a community, looking ahead, the entire century has become a scenic spot ice world. Are true, \"the North scenery, thousands of miles Bingfeng, Miles ... ...\" there is no trace of wind, snow on the quiet so quiet the next.
Roadside stop the car, a rockery, ice-skating rinks in the surface, everything, everything has been covered with a thick layer of silver blanket, they sleep like a baby at the calm in their infancy, in the warmth of the nest they are doing sweet dream. Silence, silence, they can even hear the breath evenly.
Durian snowflakes in the air, like many boys and girls snakes play in the world have descended phase, the Madadayo Yiyi, , kiss me, I seem to be cited if the isolated, such as in interpreting a love of sad myth.
... ... I want to vomit up, tomorrow is Valentine\'s Day, and no wonder, as they refused to blurred Down? The world of all things that are true there is spiritual. So I silently in my heart for the world to pray for all the lovers, and may God bless them and grant them happiness and happy life!
I slowly walked in the snow, at the foot of creaked. Snow, head to his body, head in the face of frozen wood. Before more than 10 minutes away and found herself turned into a white haired elderly, face cold hard for me to breathe into a white mist, but the hearts are filled with unlimited Chung comfortable. Because I believe that after this snow, the spring on the true red come.
Note that the malicious sister, elder sister is pleased to agree.
Please my friends, especially friends of the South to appreciate our Chunxue it here.



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