You understand, in the spring, inadvertently, are all a touch of a smile, a bunch of numbers, then life will be true to the Premise. That feeling, as if already looking for a long time, you, it makes all of a sudden vision of such a clear yearning for change. As a result, after all my days, you will be filled with sun-like smile.
  approached you in a summer, walking hand road, start feeling the temperature of the heart, soul, such as Tang Guo spring. Walking path, the more small bridge, around luxuriant fragrant grass, ears Yan Ni-nan language. You listen to the story, such as the Teana-ching, who is to meet again Jiubie a friend, a family day and night to get along, the warm harmony, happy and comfortable. As a result, it would mark a touch of flowers in the depths of my memory.
  memory is poetry, is missing honey. Always reminds me from time to time, can not always forget. You say, I dropped into the lake\'s calm you a stone in your heart Dangqi a ripple, you know, that tablets of stone in the lake, the feeling of it? Do you know you also put more money into my mind that a stone. After many months of time, more than a miss, about a multi a warmer, a sweet.
  before the eyes of the world is a clean, it is a beautiful land, such as the vast grassland, such as the sanctity of the sky. When you think of, no trace of ideas and personal considerations, no trace of dust, the sky clear, Yuebaifengqing. I said you are a mirror, mirror light, pure can not tolerate any false, clean the contamination is not defective, you give people the human world is the most pure, most true, the most beautiful and good.
  miss the quiet, before there is a painting, the blue sky on a few films Baiyun Piao, wide endless grassland, washed off fields, Rui luxuriant grass, flowers Can-can. Heart of the free ride, flying thoughts, such as the blue sky and the birds flying in the depths of the soul out of the track and never forgotten.
  miss the quiet, mind is a poem, such as Moonlight on the Spring River as beautiful. The Chant can be gently, quietly reading the materials, meaningful, the meaning of Meaningful. If the cool breeze swept through the lake, Dangqi microwave bursts. Wen can see the elegant fragrance, you can taste the long poetic.
  miss the quiet, ear is a song to ease, if the first Serenade, quiet, as the same can be parked Harbor; loud and strong, as winds in the showers over the lake, in the heart beating, stirring, The youth is germinating, full of passion, it will be moving melody etched in memory.



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