I remember I have once read a story about a mother who has suffered because of some mental stimulation is not normal, a total had been called \"crazy\" will always be people who go home with some unknown, but his father silently take them all. Always giggle when her mother, her daughter always trying to bumper daughter\'s head, but his daughter from a sensible starting in the eyes of outsiders, the mother has a lack of access to psychological, total dodging the mother, hard to learn at last to a distant test university. One day his father sent a telegram that his mother was dying, his daughter back home, in the ward outside the father told his daughter that his mother was a daughter to the field since the university is very missed, each time in the streets to see the girls about the same age, they will catch up sent for \"daughter\", this is because to see a girl running to catch up when they were too late to brake the car hit. When her daughter broke down in tears to the mother\'s bedside next to the cries of \"Mom\" when the mother had never heard of her daughter\'s call.
It is still very small after reading an article, but I have always remembered this story. Then look at the time cried, and now often think, our eyes always get red. I still believe that there is always a strong psychological feeling of never able to export to the mother says, has been quietly buried in the bottom of my heart.
Maybe you never said anything touching on the case, only in the days when the heat for your arrival, Liang Liang a cup of boiled water, just holding an umbrella when it rains in your classroom door on the self-study appears only in the when the wind took off his coat wrapped in your body ... ...
As a sister told me, the most important is not what he says, but what he has done. Because life is living for himself and not for others to read. No one can replace the experience of your future life, there is no one can replace the feelings you feel.
In fact, there are many external things, and the experience of happiness in our hearts, and not too direct relationship, but, such a simple truth, people are going to go back to the time which can not be realized, some people do not understand the death. Many people have made such a warm picture: the afterglow of sunset, a pair of white-haired old couple, in the last step, when grandmother grandfather escorted onto the first go, and then grandfather and then turn around and helped old ladies onto to. No words, no earth-shaking, but rather silently catching dependencies.
A pair of Xiangruyimo couple said this statement: What is permanence? Is your own mind as a beautiful feeling. May be instant, it may be a lifetime. I was always easily moved, in such a discourse in such a context.






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