Years ago, I first heard \"White Birch\" was attracted to songs deep sorrow, I was again simple lyrics seem thin vicissitudes of life touched by the lyrics.
... ...
Snow is still coming and that is still serene villages
Young people disappeared in Birch
A long way to go out to the end呀
That girl is already a white-haired
She often heard him call in the pillow
\"Come dear to this piece of birch\"
In the death when she murmured
\"I have come waiting for me in the Napian Birch\"
... ...
There florid flower, tree has a tree language bar! Such as the rose is a symbol of love, that white birch also implies what? Since then able to save this doubt in my mind, but also keep in mind the white birch. The trip to Xinjiang has finally solved the doubts in my mind.
The car entered the Kanas on involuntary sigh: This is paradise, paradise on earth. Along the meadow grass and mountain flowers and artless; lake mellow, sparkling; mist-shrouded distance between the peaks looming, Huangruogeshi. Aura between heaven and earth are already here, like a fairyland, intake soul. Kanas scenery of the beautiful, confusing people, Liulianwangfan.
Gradually Wang Shenchu car ahead, the whole forest, spruce, fir, Siberian larch and green decorations, branches, or up, or down, or spread on all sides, and white birch close dependencies. Kanas splashed water flowing in the valley, the river Yingying blue, even in the scorching sun, it is also to give you bursts of coolness. When passing through a beautiful birch, Dolma told us: White birch is a shade of the trees growing in the mountains of the nightside of the green and luxuriant, the sunny side not flourish. Dolma has repeatedly reminded us to observe the white birch, I found that almost Shupang Each species of white birch, there will be accompanied by a pine tree, why is it so like? The original white birch hi water, and pine trees resistant to drought, during the dry season where the root of pine tree roots will continuously provide water to the white birch, and white birch leaves decomposed pine trees after the replenishment of nutrients compared. Therefore, the total Shupang to see the pine birch, they are attached to each other, mutual Yi Wei, Zhisibuyu. White birch tall, imposing, like handsome boys, slim pine variety, like soft ****。 White birch tree trunks, such as the eye-like texture, soulful gaze pines, languishing, as if Shanmenghaishi general. Thus, the local people have what they call Tuva couple tree, a symbol of faithful love.
After a year in April, white birch \"eyes\" inside will be out of juice, was known locally as the \"lover\'s tears.\" Dolma says: If the couple wanted to white-headed conjugal bliss, then make a wish at the birch tree; if you want a lifetime of doing the other side you have one person, then blindfolded with a red cloth white birch in an eye, so his eyes on the only you.
You see, the white birch is not alone, surrounded by pine and fir always accompanied. White birch tree trunk countless big eyes are staring, as if eager to what they like and what insight.



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