I was less like a flower, always believing they are either too bright, Zhang Yang. Perhaps the character dictates, in many flowers, the favorite flower is also a few, has been particularly love the lotus out of dirt instead of dye, indifferent bloom asparagus fern, stout ourselves up, Seclusion indifferent fragrance of plum and quietly, quietly withered orchids. I like that they do not just like them but prefer the aroma of their quality: like the lotus nose clean, not colluding with the noble virtues; like raw asparagus quite Lingyun Festival, off the body rather proudly unyielding integrity; like plum fear power , fair, soak into the depths heart, subtle fragrance to independence, without fear of harm to evil world, was the sole reported to the clank of justice spring steel-framed; Lansheng Glen prefer not to no one and not fang, not to shortage of Ridge and inferior origin, not due to raw cold and wilt Suo, willingness to keep company with the plain, non-vulgar, and the company of the noble qualities.
Among the flowers, orchids and plum blossom, like a deep lasting bonds with the gentleman. Orchid Although it is not living the \"four gentlemen\" of the first, but her temperament with its noble, elegant shape and fragrance fresh and long-lasting and known as the \"Flower gentleman.\" Orchids character and noble spirit of simplicity in order to quiet Zhiyuan, lonely Kiyotaka; not seek Wen-da, hold Fang remarry character greatly loved the world ancient and modern literati. In ancient Su Che\'s \"deep valley not see Portland Health Department, chasing the breeze even be shared.\" Su\'s \"when you hear of Lu Xiang, Peng Ai depth not seen.\" Today there are patriotic generals Zhang Xueliang and General \"Fragrant honor the whole world, settled down to 10000. Ye with righteousness, Fang Yan is not flashy. Evergreen bucket cold, smile-degree summer. Flowers true gentleman, send grace and elegant.\" Chu, chairman of his military life praise Orchid said: \"Orchids Xiu-Lin Qiao, have continued since the packing from the grass next to the. Even if no one see to appreciate, still have to self-contained-fang.\"
Orchid integrity noble, were metaphors more than the flowers of friendship. \"Glen Yi Xiang, fog filled the air, cover-fang, who is knowledge?\" Are all Han Yun-free in order to put into words the true feelings. To knowledge Lan Lan Xi-lan, and associating with those who are the people in the boutique. Character, such as orchids, such as the repair for the orchid, and perhaps this is the right Jinlan full of friendship and the supreme compliment interpreted bar.
Lansheng Glen, no one from the Fang. In this materialistic age, fame and fortune in the wild today, and only as blue as the friendship, be free of the interests he argued. Although this style of friendship, such as orchids as rare as Zhen-yu, but I remain convinced that it is there. If life has such an indifferent elegant, not yet vulgar, sincere friendship, such as Portland is indeed fortunate life.
The sky was clear, Lin Shen Wan Ran. Mountain and Flowing Water, friendship, such as blue. I have been convinced that if the friendship is among the most precious orchid. Because such a purity of Ru-Lan is simply Tuochen purity, such as isolated Clivia elegant detached, that kind of frank and concerns of each other is the kind of \"do not nobody without fang, not because of raw cold and wilt Suo\" of the virtuous realm, is one of modern reinforced concrete building into a downtown Resor less than the Pure Land! Far away from the hustle and bustle earth impetuous one of the most pure and elegant perfect, including a contingent, is a character, a realm!
Human beings are superior to orchid as the flowers of the United Kingdom, is willing to cymbidium the natural world into people\'s hearts, the hearts of each one of us would like to be able to full of orchids, Busch human, such as the beautiful blue, blue lips, such as the fragrance of friendship!



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