Sough through the windows of autumn Entering from the dormitory. The willow leaves out the window quietly dull green leaves gradually yellow. The morning walk, look to the northwest sky, white clouds like a blossoming golden head of sheep in a blue sky in the pleasant to roam forward. Sunshine quietly floating down one place, such as laying a layer of golden scales. Walking in the middle of willows, the wind Splendor leaves in the air Da Zhaoxuan Piaofei forward, and then swept away with the burst of autumn, blowing and howling there is a Cuikulaxiu momentum. A pale yellow fallen leaves handsomely my shoulders, I am looking over the leaves of thin thread, then reluctantly put it thrown in the air. Wandered into the forest, the leaves rustle and the sound volume听风is to harvest bronze one place, or in the temper of the essence of autumn? I seem to hear the thinking of an autumn leaf in the waving of the Kengkeng hammer noise.
  rush to work, too busy to attend the summer heat of the sun, time change has long been at the heart of the No trace. Listen to parents that this year\'s drought in his hometown, even the most drought-grown mung bean also was short, sparse, and holding a silver lining even the seeds are confiscated villagers returned, many young people go out to work in. Large areas of arid desert land in the train on both sides of the road, I boil like sores, injuries to the color of bare earth. Hometown, the total drought lingering in my mind. Away from my hometown that day onwards, this worried about with the good times and bad, high and low grain prices and the ups and downs. I often think, gain and loss of life on the road as if wading through rivers and crossed the Gou Gou Kankam, or twists or flat. We have only seen these things do not life will eventually pass through the process of Danding a calm state of mind, positive action, so to minimize the regret in life to minimize, to make life colorful and full of vigor. For the life and death? We how to address it? Reveals a soft early morning light, I looked up between the scattered branches of yellow leaves, yellow leaves are also looking at me. Seasonal cycle of golden leaves the earth looking at Vientiane, watching the wind and rain Sunrise sunset twilight. In exchange for the return of fallen leaves of spring full of vitality and leaf spring of the next round of extinction indicates that the regeneration of the way of life and death leaves its face toward the earth, the interpretation of the endless truth. Also a leaf drifting away from my eyes, is ah, this world had lost count of the number of green leaves, green time, they enjoy to green, incisively and vividly green. For the birth of a new round, they are no regrets towards dying. For each one kind of withered leaves in terms of not death, but rebirth. They show us in the transmigration of life to the inexhaustible out the game.
  autumn wind blowing and leaves one after another, the foliage journey as a microcosm of our lives, from youth to hang aged; young men, and will eventually be returned to the earth. If we have it when the leaves falling in a free and easy, frankly face the fate that will eventually arrive, what will worry the pain and fear?
  burst of autumn ring, which I have also turned into an autumn leaf from the twig between the leisurely downward.



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