I have the window waiting for Nazhi bird - fly again, my friend, it\'s just been my footsteps away in shock. I pushed the door to the balcony of light, he saw it fly up and singing a few songs. It has the general jade wings, neck, white lines is very clear. It is time to fly, wings issued light \"Puchi\", a very lightweight. I had to see it fly away. At first, I read in the living room, do not know Fall in love with my orchids, nodding his head in a pot peck. I regret that his own reckless.
I have only sat in a bamboo chair on the balcony waiting for it to come back. I saw it fly into the jungle, where, with the poplar trees in May, to grow the strong. It is replaced by new leaves dense, shade built a whole tree. Green is not deep, a little bright light. I\'ve approached Poplar have seen, that the leaves are oval, petiole slender, positive smooth, the back of the lines is very clear, veins protruding veins on both sides of Mo Shangqu obvious boundaries. Today, I have the window can not be close to see it.
The morning sun, the sky is blue, and perhaps there is a slight leaf surface dew bar! The wind gently blowing, surrounded by poplar trees without him so happy, they are silent with, maintain their dignity and enjoy the summer wind and sun. They may not have anything to impress the soul bar! However, it lively dance Poplar start with very enthusiastic. Although I can not hear the voice of that brawl, but I feel the excitement. I was impressed by its enthusiasm for the. Summer Wind also added a little power, it is more merry dance of the. At this time, I saw it was like palm leaves in the sun, blinking out of countless points of light, like dawn suffused with the lake of the phosphorescence microwave; butter, a number of fish in shallow water where a panic to jump; also like listening to an inspiring palm of your hand after the speech. Poplar is so happy, in countless forests.
It\'s surrounded by a white butterfly Innocent Steps forward, and then again one, two butterflies together to dance. I envy the beauty of butterflies and romance for poplar. Cicada also come because of the tall poplars and lush, it nonstop in the trunk, the happy-ming up. Cicada\'s singing to break the silence of the woods, it is a tree on a long and loud \"squeak - squeak -\" singing, high and low tactfully, thickness are addressed. Other trees, cicadas may hear his call, followed by \"squeak - squeak -\" singing together, one after another crowded, joined in the chorus there is rhyme, as if the original ecological harmony concert singer masterpiece.
Poplar tree, because there are so many happy, it is all forgotten his wounds yesterday. Perhaps, in April the pain is still wounded by the hail and leaf injury also. However, the nature of self-reliance so that he leaves in the spring, the lush up quickly. He once again a powerful gesture to show their charm. The roots of poplar because of its strong roots, and his trunk is tall and straight poplar branches, and his vitality is a deep-seated roots of nutrition given. So, he will not wither, there is no bow down. In his pursuit of fame and fortune, a group of creatures where happily proudly forward, Thanksgiving to enjoy today\'s happiness belong to him.
His fall may be very lonely, and he was too strong of character, spending his life too much, he was destined to start in early autumn, when leaves yellow blight. He went to late autumn might be only the tenacious black sheep, where the westerly wind shake, but he knew that dare to face their destiny. His winter may be spent in the north wind\'s whine, but the freezing rain and northerly winds will force him to shape the distinctive posture - smooth texture, as well as clear and transparent beauty. His crystal branches will give his side all through the life of encouragement. White is part of his last beautiful. His future is in pain waiting for the spring produced.
In the window, I saw in May\'s Poplar thought of these. I wait for the bird has never come back.





  它的周围有一只白蝴蝶翩翩着,接着又来一只,两只蝴蝶一起跳起舞 来。我羡慕蝴蝶给予白杨的美丽与浪漫。知了也来了,因为白杨的高大与茂盛,所以停歇在树干上,快乐地鸣起来。知了的高唱打破寂静的树林,它在大树上长而响亮地“吱——吱——”唱着,高低婉转,粗细有致。其他树上的知了也许听见了他的号召,跟着“吱——吱——”唱起来,此起彼伏,热闹非凡,唱和有韵,仿佛和声演唱会上的原生态歌手的杰作。




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