The motherland like a sun, set up in China, rising 60 year-end, light fever, shining bright. In these 60 years, China has played an earth-shaking changes.
Not to mention the beautiful Three Gorges scenery, Shuitianyise endless torrent of Dongting Lake and the Yellow River in the change process, but also not to mention the bustling Shanghai, Hangzhou and clean fascinating how the changes in Dalian alone, a small town -- - changes in my hometown Steller\'s enough to make you surprised.
Steller\'s today is beautiful, blue sky, white clouds, fresh air, lush trees. Steller\'s prosperity today is the tall buildings, wide roads, bustling markets, a constant stream of vehicles. However, yesterday\'s tiger is so? Mom told me that the previous tiger is not buildings, or can be said that no one was seen, we are all living in mud houses, are very simple, people are at the foot of dirt, when it rains, and sometimes even shoes will be sticky mud off it! Not to mention the bustling markets and a constant stream of vehicles. And now we have entered the well-off society and every household to live in a very leisurely. Leisure time, we tend to debug yourself, tourism is a good opinion Oh! Although we are not home much, but also regarded as a famous tourist attraction. Guo Song of the famous singer singing ussuriensis ship is our home Ussuri River, which, although not the Three Gorges charming style, but it exudes elegant atmosphere, our underground fortress, although not the spectacular Terracotta Warriors and Horses Qili, but emits Chinese people\'s wisdom, the ancient Forbidden City Museum, although not expensive, but it records the history of World War II. But I think the most beautiful monument to World War II or the tiger, they represent the indomitable spirit of the Chinese firm. The number of martyrs who sacrifice for the motherland with their blood cast a new Great Wall, the aggressors out of our door. Without them, where does happiness come to us today? Heroes Monument in the sky you will often see the emergence of the dove of peace, perhaps, they also remember the souls of these heroes bar!
Home rich, our lives are getting better. For the border areas, the state implemented a number of beneficial to our development policy. Opening of trade with Russia, the activities and tourism projects. So that our economy is rising rapidly.
I love my hometown, but I love China, if not the leadership of the older generation of national leaders, our war will not end, if there is no national spirit, we are still in the primitive era, if there is no motherland The quiet dedication, we would not have today\'s well-being. Motherland is calling us, we can not live up to our country hope, we need to work together to grow up to contribute to the motherland, the motherland and lay a more beautiful, blue sky.
Look! The sun was rising and rising, he used his light shine on the earth, he used his heat can warm the hearts, let us work together with the mother, let him be one of the most brilliant sun light bar!



  虎头的今天是美丽的,蔚蓝的天空,洁白的云朵,清新的空气,茂盛的树木。虎头的今天是繁荣的,高大的楼房,宽阔的马路 ,繁华的街市,络绎不绝的车辆。但是,昨天的虎头也是这样的吗?妈妈告诉我,以前的虎头没有楼房,或者可以说根本没人见过,大家住的都是土房,十分简陋,人们脚下都是泥路,下雨时,有时连鞋都会被泥巴粘掉呢!更别提繁华的街市及络绎不绝的车辆了。而现在我们都跨入了小康社会,家家户户都非常闲适的生活着。闲适的时候,我们往往会调试一下自己,旅游是一个不错的意见哦!虽然我们家乡不是很大,但也算是远近闻名的旅游胜地了。著名的歌唱家郭颂的乌苏里船歌唱的就是我们家乡的乌苏里江,它虽没有三峡的迷人风采,却散发着淡雅的气息,我们的地下要塞虽没有兵马俑的壮观绮丽,却放射着中国人的智慧,博物馆虽没有故宫的古老贵重,却记录了第二次世界大战的历程。然而我认为最美的还是虎头的第二次世界大战的纪念碑,他们代表了中国坚强不屈的精神。多少英烈为了祖国而牺牲,用鲜血铸成了新的长城,把侵略者赶出了我们的国门。若没有他们,哪里来我们今天的幸福呢?在英雄纪念碑上空你会经常看到和平鸽的出现,也许,它们也在缅怀这些英雄的英灵吧!




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