Famous French writer Victor Hugo said: \"The cause is noble flower, and fruit cause is sweet, let us do the cause of leaf bar! Because the leaves cause is trivial and humble.\" Teacher as silent devotion Green leaf, always set off the tender and beautiful flowers.
With the worship of teachers, with a vision for education and love, I would not hesitate to choose the teaching career. From the Experimental Primary School entered the first day, I was a persistent belief that: \"All for children and for our children\'s everything.\" I see it as my motto in teaching, in the ordinary posts doing extraordinary things.
Many people say that teachers only ordinary, only the lonely, there is no bright, no glory. Every time when the stand on the rostrum, faced with dozens of pairs of eyes and a thirst for knowledge, I would feel that \"teachers\" the word weight. This is from the knowledge, feelings, ideals, beliefs merged into three feet of the podium, how sacred. My every move will affect the purity of a child\'s life.
Perhaps we all have a similar experience with me and feel that when we carefully prepare lessons, worked hard to teach students the knowledge, sometimes find that their enthusiasm is not high enough eager eyes and found that the personality of those naughty children still go its own way. But almost at the same time, these children can show people to carry on the happiness and moved once again time to warm my Xintian. As a teacher, I gradually came to feel that they have a unique personality, perhaps their verbal and performance and ultimately, dash of willful, reckless; perhaps they lack a bit of thinking and acting rational and calm, but as long as the intentions found that they very much want to with you close, they are in a unique way of looking forward to your attention, looking forward to your love, care about your concern.
The teacher in a knowing smile, an encouraging look, a warm greeting, a thoughtful action, will result in increased confidence of students, warm times to, because the students care about, parents care about!
Around us there are many such teachers, as this year\'s top ten outstanding teachers Xu-baby, and many other teachers, unknown Sun Chunxia Feng, Gan people\'s ladder, such as \"Spring Silkworms\" Tu Jin black hair, such as \"candle\" into ashes to life Xian to the cause, dedicated to the students.
A qualified teacher, only by constantly improving its capacity to adapt to changing requirements of education reform. I do not do sadness candles, in order to illuminate the others, in tears in the burn itself, I am happy to do the battery, in the light of other people, continue to enrich themselves, shines with the radiance forever. In the light of others while continuing to enrich itself, and to challenge themselves and self-fulfillment.
Teachers, whether you choose this job or that your career choice, we should all be worthy of \"Teacher\" is the title, you should let it be under the sun of the most brilliant career. Let us proudly tell the world who teach knowledge, we have no regrets!
My speech is over, thank you!

法国著名作家雨果说过:“花的事业是尊贵的,果实的事业是甜美的,让我们做叶的事业吧!因为叶的事业是平凡而谦逊的 。”教师就像那默默奉献的绿叶,时时刻刻衬托着鲜花的娇艳 。






我们身边就有这样许许多多的老师 ,像今年十大优秀教师吴旭娃、孙春霞等许多教师默默无闻的奉,甘为人梯,像“ 春蚕 ”吐尽青丝,像“ 蜡烛 ”化成灰烬,把毕生献给事业,献给学生 。




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