Cold weather, and autumn appear to have been profound!
This is the first one to fall here! Has never been anything from small to large distance, there is no taste of the northern autumn and that the howling winter, but love to accompanied by bursts of autumn rain. Looking out at the rain alone, or King, or remain in the depths of an alley. I do not know which long-whiskered old man, went so far as only red brushes, in northern autumn is red. You Qiaona red, like smoke, like clouds, people can not help but fall into a total miss in a long time to ... ... However, in front of you, only the southern autumn, then a different flavor, in the south of the friends I wonder if you realize that they could not? Think of her, with a total let my mind create a touch of happiness and a moment\'s peace.
Here is the gentle autumn to come is quietly, slowly, with sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance, and accompanied by rain, followed by autumn, when the sun is too strong, but also, they would not have kept the moisture for the earth. Wake up the morning sun shines into the windows so that you can not help but think of it today, what might be different. I grew up in the South, but here\'s autumn made me pleasantly surprised. I have not seen the pieces under the yellow, not orange, not golden, a bit like a broken look to be dry, I can not help but step on up, to see whether she is broken, listen to the sound of whether there would be creak But actually there is no ... ... I do not remember how many times this filmed using a mobile phone falling piece of Chinese parasol trees, but each time it failed in front of so beautiful! They will dance, will paint a picture, will do the game will chat. If you were born in here when you are lonely, you can speak to her, and sometimes you will find that they are friends than we even cordial, never complain, always listening. Especially in the wind, you really will be captivated by their deep, you will be feeling went so far as such a short fall of next year\'s fall at last!
However, autumn really has been to the depths, no matter how retention is always to go. Everything around exhausted all the strength of life to do a perfect curtain call, waiting for next year\'s recovery, but we live in continues, careful you might pick up a Chinese parasol trees as a souvenir, until the autumn of next year out, guess Falling Indus will come to realize that they do? Hehe ... ...
My friend the north, in fact, no matter where you are, hope you will not forget his hometown of autumn, nor in the outside world is full of sad thoughts, after all, we are in the same piece of heaven and earth, I am here every fall, will be written Man blessings and miss you! Miss you ... ...



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