Life changing, it is boundless as the sea, sometimes calm, sometimes the shore waves, however, encountered in my life through all the valley of tears.
However, how should I face setbacks, is trying to evade? Is the sink? Are not, the key is to look at their own choice, I would like to; life is from an accumulation of numerous setbacks, if can not withstand big storms, many difficulties and dangers, it can not overcome their own, while the yield was overwhelming.
In fact, is not necessarily a bad setback, but wealth. Then, because the learning has been frustration and failure, I only know how to撑着struggling against the current of only traveling in the canoe, only know how to guard against arrogance and rashness, better, and understand at the bottom to stand up again to meet more number of challenges. Small
Failure not related to re-take heart.阳光总在风雨后, no one will be successful casual. I firmly believe that after the storm is always the most beautiful rainbow
Late at night, through the moonlight into the casement, and a Caesar. I am sitting before the desk, they are allowed to tears and that scores of small wet papers.
The final exam, I was far from achieving the desired results. I have been wronged, why do I pay so much, but each time did not even gain a little, I am unfair to blame God. Not feel they thought of it took place in the night time scenes, but also reminds parents to bring bread and milk, I scene. Why, why, can I really learn the piece of material is not it?

Well, do not want it, take a look at the extra-curricular book turn on the lights, I pull the lamp light. Residue found in the table moving the biscuit, I glasses, want to see a clear move only a few ants in Java this biscuit, biscuits Java action for a while, as if they are very hard to move up, really interesting! I used a magnifying glass, I would like to take a closer look at these small things. I would also like to set up their \"obstacles.\" I will put them in front of a pencil, only to change their orientation, was surrounded by my pen, to see how they do this time! I used a magnifying glass to observe carefully, one of the ants to take the lead in the first climb up the pen, which is like a commander, one after another and a few ants to climb up to, they want to force Java occasional biscuit past, but have tried several times without success, That the ants will take the lead in lifting biscuits to Java, followed by pushing the ants, that took about 30 minutes, was finally biscuits Java pencil on ants shipped from the past.

I suddenly realized that even the ants are so small setbacks are not disheartened, we human beings should be bold enough to face more setbacks, I remember: the bombing of Edison\'s laboratory, in the face of such setbacks, Edison did not lose its will to fight, and In a short span of three weeks, we succeeded in the invention of the phonograph; deaf Beethoven, a musician this is undoubtedly the biggest setback, and Beethoven has the face of setbacks means no retreat, he said: \"I to the fate of throat. \"In this way Beethoven\'s creation of the world-famous\" fate \"symphony.

The wind on the road of life there is rain, there is going to crop up only if we go to fight, to struggle, it will be waiting with flowers and applause from us. Masters said that the setbacks of the incompetent person is a bottomless pit, and for those who dare to face the setbacks, it is a successful stand on the foot stone.
I once again open the textbooks, when the first ray of morning sunshine into the house, which fell in, get up on that. I laughed, frustration, and I challenge to you, life is more exciting because of setbacks.



其实挫折未必是坏的,而是财富。以后,因为学习上有了挫折与失败,我这才懂得如何奋力地撑着那只在逆水中行驶的独木舟,才懂得戒骄戒躁、精益求精,才懂得在谷底中再次站起来去迎接更多的挑战。   小








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