A case of cattle, Like, just to work;
A case of pigs, it pays for doing nothing, doing nothing;
A case of dogs, perhaps not bite.
If cattle are vibrant, a pig can not be lazy, a dog will development of this unit must be expected; slouch if they are cattle, pigs will be an ease, a dog must be air, the unit will be a decline.
After reading that the author can claim to be a really deep understanding of human nature and management of an expert. No matter what kind of units, except for senior management, I am afraid that the remaining three people, but the proportion of a difference in terminology.
And three kinds of people are directly determined the status of a unit of the \"sign of the Zodiac.\"
A \"bull\" the more the unit will color some cattle; a \"pig\" and more, the unit can not help but look like a little pig; a \"dog\" a lot of units will have the characteristics of the dog. People are a little more or less \"evil\": the less , accounting for more than a point lower tendency to subconsciously; feign is our traditional culture to breed a monster, the leadership table in front of work, my colleagues before self-righteousness, as part of a clique is a major event in the workplace can not do, after accounting for the interest of a \"dog\" a true portrayal of people. Truly \"a pig\" and may not be many, as the competition intensifies, more and more severe employment situation, which is also the need to camouflage the pig, if flagrant, \"it pays for doing nothing\", I am afraid that even I did not have to eat eat.
However, a \"dog\" will never be eradicated, not the work of thinking, his eyes staring at other places, and always thought that they would stem the scandal of others will do, every day is not planned how to do their job well, but much brains how to stir a bucket of muddy water, in fact, all of which are announced as if the ugly side of its own, every day at every turn , rear its ugly head, barking Wang,一个劲to the performance of their own \"kind-hearted \"he was buried for fear of others.
Therefore, as long as normal in a relatively flat, there is a lot of people actually become a feature of both pigs and dogs of both people and fraudulent concealment growing. And because such a person often of interest can be expensive, so genuine, \"a bull\" fewer and fewer people.
In fact, from a management point of view, in order to enable a unit to survive and develop, we must do everything possible to allow an access to the benefits of cattle by the due respect to justice can be done to protect these people\'s work. In addition, we must see who is the essence of dog, not by his \"will be called\" the illusion of blindfolded, to limit their \"just saying no\" power of the discourse space, or even put it back to the forest so that it and its own similar to every day together, barking non-stop no matter whether Wang not allow it to act recklessly in the crowd to stop the spread of rabies in the unit, at the same time so that people who are pig through strict monitoring and system masses bound by the opportunity to not be lazy.
Only in this way is a unit in order to eliminate the evil dog, a pig free of inert gas to form a representative of cattle for righteousness. If the managers of their own Aura, is a growing sense of natural things.



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